At long last: tabbed browsing comes to Windows Phone 7

At long last: tabbed browsing comes to Windows Phone 7

When the first tabbed browser came to the iPad I was the happiest clam in the sea, so imagine my delight when one finally dropped for Windows Phone 7, as one did just last night.

Called ‘Browser Plus,’ a very innovative moniker indeed, the little app modded Internet Explorer to contain two features that everyone has been hoping for: tabbed browsing and, ahem, private mode.

Yes, you can now have multiple tabs open at once, as many it seems as your phone can support before crashing. Of course, in regular Internet Explorer for WP7 you can have multiple windows open, but that is slow and frustrating to use, tabs are both quicker and simpler.

And for everyone who likes to bank on the go, private mode will help keep you a little bit safer. Still, the app makers are expecting you to use the app for a slightly different purpose; when you turn on private mode the app tells you: “Private mode is on. Don’t be too naughty.”

The app will set you back just a dollar, find it in the Marketplace. Check out the video below, via our friends over at WPCentral:

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