Katy Perry: Microsoft is cheap!

Katy Perry: Microsoft is cheap!

Sometimes as a writer a story is handed to you from the gods above, or in this case pop-diva Katy Perry. At her recent concert sponsored by Microsoft, Katy Perry was not pleased when she learned that there was not an open bar for the attendees.

According to multiple reports, she told the audience, “It’s Microsoft! Don’t they own half the world?” Ah yes Katy, indeed they do, or at least half the computing world.

The truth it seems is not that Microsoft was being cheap, but was instead trying to be legal. As a short aside, I have been to Microsoft parties, and can attest to the libation generosity that infects Microsoft’s mind. There is usually good stuff, and plenty of it.

Our own Adam Mills attended the sister concert by Maroon 5 on the other side of the nation, and confirmed that indeed, free booze was not to be had. He noted that at the KIN launch there had been rather copious amounts the wet stuff, which sounds more like the Microsoft we know and love, so why not at the two concerts on Monday?

They were all ages events, it seems, while other Microsoft parties are often 21+. The KIN party was, and so forth. Really, do you think that Microsoft would hire two of the world’s biggest acts, and then scrimp on liquor? Microsoft just didn’t want to get some 12-year-old toasted, only to lose their entire press cycle for WP7 to a frivolous lawsuit.

There you have it Katy, don’t be hatin’. Oh, and this is who the fuss is over, if you didn’t know:

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