Maroon 5 Kicks Off Windows Phone 7 Launch

Maroon 5 Kicks Off Windows Phone 7 Launch

After months and months of anticipation, Windows Phone 7 finally made its official launch in the United States. In celebration, Microsoft hosted two free events that took place in New York City and San Francisco that featured not only some of the smartphones avaliable at launch but also two huge musical acts. In New York City, Katy Perry took the stage while out in San Francisco, Adam Levine and Maroon 5 played a fantastic set at the historic Fillmore.

Seriously, it was fantastic and the fact that it was free made it even better.

However, while the music was the big draw, Microsoft also had some demo booths set up showcasing their 3 launch devices which include the Samsung Focus, the HTC HD7 and the HTC Surround. The HTC Surround and the Samsung Focus are both available on AT&T for $199.99 after two year contracts and the HTC HD 7 is now avaliable  for the same price on T-Mobile.

Of the three, the Samsung Focus really felt like the most polished of the three and the fact that the HTC HD7 doesn’t run on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network makes it a tough sell even if the software is pretty enticing.

So, cheers to Microsoft and let’s hope Windows Phone 7’s run is as stellar as the music was tonight.

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