Microsoft’s Pitch To Small Businesses For Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s Pitch To Small Businesses For Windows Phone 7

At MIX10 when Joe Belfiore and his team discussed Windows Phone 7 in detail they explained their targeted user. Windows Phone 7 was designed with a couple in mind:

  • Anna: A part time PR professional and a mom
  • Miles: an entrepreneur (and in a relationship with Anna, hence the couple.)

They call this user segment as the “Life Maximizers” who use the phone for work – calendar and email, as well as daily life – music, photographs.

This segment doesn’t seem like the regular enterprise user but Micorosft believes that they have three specific features that make the platform a good fit for the enterprise user. In a presentation part of the Small Business Mobility kit, Microsoft takes you through how Windows Phone 7 can help you grow your business. The three features are:

  1. Microsoft Office integration
  2. Exchange and Sharepoint integration
  3. MyPhone 2.0 – free lock,wipe and find the phone service

Microsoft is trying to push their onlie services (Office 365) as a service that complements your Windows Phone 7. Some key slides from the deck:

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