Bing and Facebook Bring Social To Search

Bing and Facebook Bring Social To Search

While Google continues to figure out social layers…

Microsoft’s partnership with Facebook is taking another step with adding a social “layer” to your search. There have been quite a few jokes about Bing’s tag of being a Decision Engine, but these announcements enable the decision aspect to search in a true sense.

Yusuf Mehdi talking about the new features gave examples of how the search results will now be tailored for you based on preferences from your Facebook friends thereby enhancing the prediction capabilities of Bing. Paraphrasing Microsoft engineers, the social layer by Facebook comes together with hyper links. The links liked by your friends will now be shown when you search on Bing.

Mark Zuckerberg believes Microsoft’s under-dog status helps them go out and innovate which according has helped their partnership.

We’ll keep you updated as new features are demonstrated. Here’s a video from Microsoft explaining what’s new:

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