That New Windows Phone Ad: Disaster?

That New Windows Phone Ad: Disaster?

So Zee really likes the new Windows 7 Phone ad. I don’t.

The reason I don’t like it is because I’m utterly confused by it. What exactly is the message here? That all the other phones out there are so immensely cool we would even fish them out of a puddle of piss? So great that they lets us share every great moment in our lives, and that yes, sometimes we become so absorbed with our screens that we overlook what is happening around us? Well yeah, our phones are THAT cool.

Or maybe Microsoft is telling us that these are actually their phones? That they look so fabulous that once you start playing with them they are like magic and you will forget all about everything happening around you? Which one is it?

Zee seems to think that this is the cool thing about these ads: the confusion they cause. Well, that might have been the plan but as a potential consumer (yes, I look forward to using the Windows 7 Phone) I feel like I’m not in on the joke.

Sure, at the end of the spot they say this phone is going to save us from phones. But in what way? Is this new phone going to be so fast that it will allow you to watch youtube movies in 2 seconds instead of 30? Tweet faster than on the iPhone? Is the interface so quick you hardly have to take it out of your pocket?

Apparently using an iPhone, Blackberry or Android means being enveloped in the experience of using a phone and Windows 7 Mobile will keep all that entertainment away from you and will only let you make phone-calls?

I don’t want to be skeptical (I know, too late) but I’m pretty sure that won’t be the case. I’m guessing you can watch Youtube, read your email and play games just as well on the Windows 7 Phone as on any of its competitors phones. Right?

I don’t get it. I really don’t.

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