MSN Music To Integrate With In UK

MSN Music To Integrate With In UK

MSN once the face of Microsoft’s Internet activities became the orphan child soon.

The integration will allow users to use their Zune Pass subscriptions with MSN Music. The existing Music Store on MSN will be replaced and links to purchase songs from the Zune Marketplace will be added.

According to the press release, MSN UK has around 25 Million unique users a month and is accessed by 58% of the Internet users in UK.

Talking about the integration, Steven Wilson-Beales from MSN Music said, “The integration between MSN Music and Zune in the UK is an exciting advance in our entertainment and music offering. People will now be able to consume a range of music news, videos, spotlights on new music and artist information and have at their fingertips, the ability to purchase and listen to the music they want, wherever they want. The integration between MSN and Zune Pass will allow subscribers to log in from any supported web browser for unlimited access to a catalogue of 7 million songs in the Zune Marketplace.”

Consolidating services and tying them up together to provide a cohesive user experience across Microsoft services is a long pending move that Microsoft has now started making.

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