Zune HDs To Power United Airlines’ In-Flight Entertainment

Zune HDs To Power United Airlines’ In-Flight Entertainment

Microsoft has been able to convince US carrier – United Airlines to offer in-fight entertainment via Zune HDs.

Microsoft’s portable media player hasn’t done well in the market and so far there is no confirmation whether there will be a refresh. In the mean time, 500 Zune HDs (pictured here) pre-loaded with customized video content from Microsoft will be on international flights. Microsoft will negotiate with content providers to get recently released movies and other exclusives on the devices.

Microsoft and United Airlines are expanding a deal signed earlier under which the in-flight audio came from the Zune service. These plans were disclosed on the latest episode of the Zune Insider Podcast.

United Airlines will test the Zund HDs on their Hong Kong and Australia based flights. The iPods definitely have a huge lead and chances are many of the frequent fliers will be iPod users, presenting them with Zune HDs and perhaps gathering product feedback might motivate Microsoft to do another edition of the Zune players.

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Image Credit @DaveMacMS

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