Is This What Internet Explorer 9 Will Look Like?

Is This What Internet Explorer 9 Will Look Like?

If this is true, we may be looking at a real resurgence by Microsoft in the browser wars. It could be that the much beleaguered Internet Explorer is on the route to becoming usable, if you can believe it.

ZDnet managed to snipe a screenshot and the text from a Microsoft Russia post about the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 before it was pulled from the website. It contained this image:

Now that is very interesting, and very fresh. Let’s get into what ZDNet managed to extract (using Bing translate of course) from the now long gone Russian text:

  • The design ethic is to make the most room for the website that the user is browsing.
  • Many menu buttons have been consolidated into a single one, lowering clutter and user confusion.
  • There will be “tear-off tabs” which seems to be a simple way to line up two different web pages side by side on your screen.
  • Browsing directly from the Windows Taskbar into IE9, somehow saving time. This part is vague.

Well there you have it ladies and gentleman, what we know so far. Of course, the big launch day is September 15 for the beta, so all our questions will be answered then. Until that day, gawk that screenshot and decide if you like where Microsoft is going.

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