IE9 Beta Coming In September, Alleged Screenshots Leaked

IE9 Beta Coming In September, Alleged Screenshots Leaked

At the Financial Analyst Meeting, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner mentioned that Microsoft is planning to release a public beta build of Internet Explorer in September. According to Tom Warren from Neowin, the date slated is 2nd of September.

Earlier, cnBeta a Chinese website posted alleged leaked screenshots of Internet Explorer that showed a Download Manger and a new Popular Sites page. One of the screenshots shows an ACID score of 53 which is much lower than that of the current preview build. Microsoft has been talking a lot about IE9’s standard compliance but little is known about the browser’s performance on a system. I personally don’t bother too much about ACID scores and the like as long as the browser is snappy and doesn’t slow my PC down after hours of use.




I really hope Microsoft changes the UI, I’m not exactly a fan of the current interface.

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