Did AT&T Just Order 8 Million Phone 7’s?

Did AT&T Just Order 8 Million Phone 7’s?

The Kin was aborted days into the market, but Windows Phone 7 looks like it is going to burst out of the gate with strong momentum. Massive cellular provider AT&T has supposedly ordered 8 million windows phone 7 gadgets, a large purchase and a testament to the strength of the platform.

A tweet from famous industry insider Michael Gartenberg said the following:

Interesting e-mail from a trusted source. AT&T has apparently signed up for 8 million #WP7 devices. #notkin

Is it official from Redmond or AT&T? No, but it’s as good an unofficial confirmation you will ever get. What does this mean? Microsoft might finally have a serious mobile competitor after years of miring in the background. With AT&T’s backing, the company could finally make a resurgence in the mobile market.

You can check out our roundup of reviews of the WP7 series here, and read our views on why this phone line might be a serious iPhone competitor.

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