Microsoft Rebranding Itself To Be What’s Next

Microsoft Rebranding Itself To Be What’s Next

Microsoft’s annual event for employees – MGX is currently underway and according to Engadget Microsoft has unveiled a new tagline.

Microsoft has had the tagline of Your potential our passion for quite some time and it was quite good, the supposedly new tagline is: “Be what’s next” Not that bad either.

I like the tagline and if Microsoft is able to motivate the workforce to achieve just that, we’re in for a treat. Engadget has posted the video that unveiled the new tagline. The video showcases most of Microsoft’s consumer products – Windows, Windows Phone, Bing, Xbox and Office. No mention of Zune. Here’s the video:

Microsoft got in touch with Engadget and confirmed that the tagline is legit but we won’t be seeing the logos shown in video on products, for now at least.

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