Microsoft, Gaffe Edition: iPhone 4 Is Apple’s Vista

Microsoft, Gaffe Edition: iPhone 4 Is Apple’s Vista

Perhaps the greatest prize of covering the news is watching important people lodge their feet firmly in their mouth on stage at an event that people are recording. Today, Microsoft’s Kevin Turner let loose this gem at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in DC:

“It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their [Apple’s] Vista, and I’m okay with that.”

If this was April 1st, you would claim that we were making it up, but we promise that we are not. What Microsoft will do to smooth this over remains to be seen, but it is refreshing to see Redmond talk some smack against Cupertino. I mean, this is some backbone at long last.

Also, this is not that surprising. We all used Vista, it was a over-hyped let down, and so the analogy from their perspective actually makes some sense, right?

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