What Skydrive’s New Logo Says About The Service

What Skydrive’s New Logo Says About The Service

Microsoft’s Live services are being upgraded at regular intervals which is a positive sign given the nature of this field.

Today, LiveSino shared what seems like the new logo for Microsoft’s online storage service – Skydrive. What started with a 5GB online service to upload data has now become backbone to Microsoft’s online services for the consumer segment with 25GB of storage space.

Skydrive now offers a slideshow viewer for images, video playback for uploaded videos, is backend for Office Web Apps, and stores the 2GB Live Sync data. Skydrive is more than just online storage, it is now key to Microsoft’s cloud strategy for the consumer segment and the new logo for Skydrive is in fact cloud(s).

If you were to browse Skydrive and say go into the Documents folder the favicon would change to that of Office. Similarly the Photos folder shows the Live Photo Gallery icon. Perhaps not of interest to many but the attention to such details is refreshing and appreciated. Don’t write Microsoft off when it comes to the next web.

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