Bing Now A Lot More Entertaining With Music, Movies And Games

Bing Now A Lot More Entertaining With Music, Movies And Games

Microsoft updated the Bing iPhone app yesterday and today its announced a new section called Bing Entertainment for

I had recently listed out a few reasons why Bing is a good search engine alternative, now there are some more. Bing Entertainment introduces categories for music, videos and games.


Dedicated pages for artists with their bio and information about their upcoming events, albums, music videos and links to Bing’s search pages where relevant.



Screenshots of an internal beta build of Bing show ability to stream music on Bing itself:


Icing on the cake would be the lyrics.


Classified under two categories of TV and Movies, Bing now provides information about what’s playing and top grossing movies. If you’re planning to rent a movie and can’t decide, Bing Entertainment can help you decide with the Top Rental section at the bottom.



Two different categories, one where you can play some time killer flash games and the other for console and PC games.

While Jobs might be out to kill Flash, there are quite a lot of games on Flash, with the new Bing update, you can play them on Bing itself. Microsoft has integrated Facebook login and added a Microsoft Game Hub on Facebook for sharing your scores. You can see your Facebook News Feed on the game screen. Screenshots:



The updates are quite interesting as this goes beyond just being a static search engine with twitter updates and calling it “real-time search”.

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