Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Released

Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Released

Expression Studio is Microsoft’s suite of software to design application and web interfaces.

While elegant design isn’t something that a lot of people associate with Microsoft, the Expression Studio is one of those lesser known but very powerful tool. In PR speak, it in fact does enable development of “compelling UIs”.

Blend and the Expression suite now support Windows Phone 7 application development and integrate well with Adobe’s formats allowing you to quickly export your artwork.

The suite includes:

  • Expression Web 4
  • Expression Blend 4
  • Expression Encoder 4
  • Expression Design 4

Some of the highlights of the Studio 4 are:

SketchFlow, a software using which one can design a working prototype of an application design without having to spend too much time on code.

SuperPreview that is part of Expression Web 4 makes it very easy for web developers to compare cross-browser website rendering.

Encoder now supports DRM and H.264 for live streaming content.


More info:

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