More Windows Phone 7 Details Leak

More Windows Phone 7 Details Leak

Till Windows Mobile 6.x OEMs had a lot of freedom to customize the user experience and user interface but with Windows Phone 7 that has all gone out the window.

Documents leaked on two separate occasions have detailed what the OEMs have the liberty to customize. The earlier leak gave a lot of details about the architectural design of Windows Phone 7, the new leak has more details on the platform.

The following are the highlights from the two leaks:

  • Windows Live Integration: first thing you’ll be asked to do
  • OEMs are responsible for Direct3D drivers
  • OEMs cannot bundle trialware on the phone

The different OEMs will be allowed to have some level of customization to differentiate their devices, such as:

  • can take up to 60MB space and pre-install maximum of 6 apps
  • change the default search engine in Mobile Internet Explorer
  • start up wallpaper
  • ringtones
  • tiles on Home screen
  • lock screen wallpapers

For the developers, applications won’t be CAB files, instead XAP. Something that I’m really looking forward to is GeoTagged Videos.

via WMPowerUser and Neowin
image via Engadget

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