Microsoft Shows Hotmail, Youtube And Live Messenger Integration

Microsoft Shows Hotmail, Youtube And Live Messenger Integration

Windows Live Wave 4 is expected to be publically shown on the 18th of June, in Sydney.

In a demo done by Microsoft’s Baek Seung Joo, he showed a feature called “Active View” that is part of the next version of Hotmail. Active View allows you to view linked content in an email within the email, in this case a Youtube video.

Like in Facebook where pasting a link from Youtube converts it into a video attachment, Hotmail will display Youtube links as videos embedded in the email. Screenshot:


This doesn’t stop there. Windows Live Messenger has had email notifications since I can remember. With the new version, if you were to get an email with a Youtube link, you will be able to view the video from within Windows Live Messenger’s Social Updates screen. Screenshot:


The video shown in  Windows Live Messenger is the same email shown above in the Hotmail screenshot. This level of integration among Microsoft products and other services is definitely something to look forward to.

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