[Update: Screenshots Added] Microsoft Brings Mac Support For KIN

[Update: Screenshots Added] Microsoft Brings Mac Support For KIN

KINMicrosoft’s KIN phones are now available in Verizon store and the good news is that OS X users can sync their KIN phones too.

The sync software does not come directly from Microsoft but from a third party vendor – Mark/Space who’ve worked with Microsoft on this. In a press-release Mark/Space mentioned what the software will allow users to do:

With KIN Media Sync, Mac users can sync individual songs or entire albums, genres, artists and playlists of music between a KIN phone and iTunes on their Mac.

Photos snapped with a KIN phone can be synced with iPhoto, and albums of photos from iPhoto can be synchronized to a KIN, too.

KIN Media Sync also makes it easy to transfer digital video and home movies from a Mac to a KIN. Movies are automatically converted for the best viewing experience on a KIN phone’s screen.

However, there’s a small catch

KIN phones cannot play music or video protected by iTunes DRM

More details and a download link are available at http://www.markspace.com/kin/

Whether this will go on to allow Zune HD and Windows Phone 7 sync for OS X or is a stop-gap solution, only time will tell. Until then, the rich Mac using teens can flaunt their KIN phones.

(h/t CNET News)

Here are some screenshots of the app:

The screenshots come courtesy good friend @goobimama and he also said that the app installation requires a restart.

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