Bing Now Lets You Shop With Your Friends

Bing Now Lets You Shop With Your Friends

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Bing has added social shopping to their search results, including Twitter and Facebook integration.

Adding social shopping to social news and entertainment search is a logical progression for a search engine that really focuses on the visual. Also, Bing has done pretty well with their cashback affiliate program (it’s a big hit on tech shopping sites such as TigerDirect), and making that more social should spur even more adoption.

This upgrade comes two days after Google launched their significant/radical redesign, which includes a Shopping icon in the search engine’s now prominent left hand column (assuming you’re searching for something that can be purchased – it is a dynamic sidebar based on query). Perhaps Microsoft decided to roll this out earlier than expected in response to that upgrade or maybe it’s right on schedule – sure is a coincidence if the later. Here’s what a search for the HTC HD2 would look like:

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