SanDisk To Offer Xbox 360 Branded USB Flash Drives

SanDisk To Offer Xbox 360 Branded USB Flash Drives

sandisk-xboxThe latest Xbox 360 update introduces USB Flash drive support.

The system update pushed via Xbox LIVE will allow users to plugin their USB Flash drives and store their game saves, profiles and even demos. Along with the update storage media company SanDisk, known for the USB Flash drives has introduced Xbox 360 branded USB Flash drives.

The flash drives are black in color (which is expected to be the primary color of future Xbox 360s) and are available in two capacities:

  • 8GB  for $34.99
  • 16GB  for $69.99

Each flash drive comes with a free one month Xbox LIVE Gold membership and subscription. A branded USB Flash drives is a great add-on for Xbox lovers and if I see one around, I’ll definitely be picking up one. The drives can be purchased over at and will be available at retail stores as well.

Amazon is offering the 16GB drive for $64.99 as of now.

via HotHardware

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