Windows Live Wave 4: Privacy Controls Done Right

Windows Live Wave 4: Privacy Controls Done Right

Windows LiveWindows Live Wave 4 is expected to launch some time soon but the enthusiasts have been hard at work finding what’s coming.

With Windows Live Wave 4, a huge focus is on the social. Microsoft is not planning to make another social network but work as an aggregator for your activities across social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc.

Being a social network of sorts, privacy is a concern and as such Microsoft is working towards simplifying it. Windows Live enthusiast LiveSino has screenshots of how the new privacy controls in Wave 4 will look like. With Windows Live Wave 4, Microsoft will be introducing slider based privacy control. Just as UAC on Windows is a vertical slide, Windows Live privacy settings are horizontal. Screenshots:


A much welcome break from all the drop downs. LiveSino points out that when you visit the new Wave 4 for the first time, you will be presented with three pre-defined privacy options to choose from. Screenshot:


While on the face of it, the options seem very simple, the Windows Live team allows you to drill down to per-contact level and edit the permissions for that particular user. Screenshot:


Very intuitive and of course very simple.

Privacy is a concern, as much as Zuckerburg might want to deny that, I want control on what I share. Facebook has with every update complicated privacy settings to an extent where they want you to give up on the idea of restricting what you share. It is refreshing to see that Microsoft is addressing privacy concerns with the “Keep It Simple” rule.

We will be bringing you more coverage of Windows Live Wave 4 as it happens. Yes, I promise.

Images courtesy LiveSino

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