Xbox 360 Slim Coming At E3?

Xbox 360 Slim Coming At E3?


If rumors are true, Microsoft will be making some big announcements regarding their Xbox gaming platform at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

According to a blog post by Surfer Girl, Microsoft will be releasing a slim version of the Xbox 360. There have been rumors of a slim Xbox 360 for quite some time.

Surfer Girl gives out more details regarding Microsoft’s two E3 press conferences, she mentions that the Xbox brand will be getting a new logo and the primary color of the console will be black. Considering most television sets are black and Project Natal device is black, a white console might not look good.

Project Natal is an internal codename and the final product name along with pricing details are expected at E3. Given that it has been an year since Microsoft announced Project Natal, game  publishers should be showcasing their developments for the platform at this year’s E3. If you were to read between the lines, Surfer Girl hints at some interesting announcements from Microsoft Game Studios.

via Engadget

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