Amazon launches Kindle Paperwhite ‘Manga Model’ in Japan

Amazon launches Kindle Paperwhite ‘Manga Model’ in Japan

With literally billions of dollars in sales, manga is a huge business in Japan. So much so that Amazon has just released a ‘Manga Model’ Kindle Paperwhite to cater for this demographic.

At first glances, this is virtually identical to the mainstream model. But what sets it apart is that the ‘Manga Model’ comes with massively expanded storage – from 4GB to 32GB. Amazon also says that the speed in which it turns pages has increased by 33 percent.


By octupling the amount of memory, Amazon claims that this will be able to hold up to 700 Manga, which are significantly larger than ordinary books. It also says that you can hold the complete collection of Naruto, Asari-chan, and Kochikame on the device.

Japanese customers can pre-order the Kindle Manga Model from today for 16,280 yen ($157) or 12,280 yen ($118) for Amazon Prime members. That’s 2,000 yen ($19) more than the regular Paperwhite.

Amazon Japan introduces 'Manga Model' Kindle Paperwhite with eight times more storage on The Verge

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