Swooper is the new emoji-led news site from the team behind Mailcloud

Swooper is the new emoji-led news site from the team behind Mailcloud

When it comes to running a startup, things don’t always go as planned. Nobody knows that better than the team behind Mailcloud.

After attracting over 1 million sign-ups before launch and getting acquired by Dropbox for a reported $100 million not long after, Mailbox was no more as of December 7.

However, the team didn’t sit back and do nothing over the holidays. They’ve come up with a fun new project called Swooper – a site where you can share news stories and have them gauged by emoji reactions.

It’s a sweet way to browse and post the day’s news and quickly see how people have rated the story, as well as giving your own emoji reactions. There are five categories of news – technology, world news, business, sport and entertainment. And there are seven emoji reactions to choose from.

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You can sort the news by what’s most popular, recent, or by the emoji reactions, which is pretty amusing for certain categories.

The interface is simple, possibly because the team built it in 9 days, but according to its creator Malcolm Bell:

“If Swooper takes off, then maybe we’ll write an awesome, inspiring mission statement to change the world and help people connect and express themselves in better ways. We’ve got lots of great ideas for Swooper and a big vision, but for now, it’s just a Ryan Hoover style experiment.”

So if you’re bored of trawling the same sites for news and looking for something new, Swooper is live now and waiting for your emoji reactions.

It might have some stiff competition though as Facebook has been testing emoji reactions to its posts as well.

➤ Swooper [via Product Hunt]

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