Reddit’s compiled its best AMAs into a limited edition hardback book

Reddit’s compiled its best AMAs into a limited edition hardback book
Credit: Reddit

Reddit’s published a near 400-page coffee table book of its most popular AMAs, called ‘Ask Me Anything: Volume One‘.

‘Volume One’ suggests there are more of these to come.

Available to buy online now, the book was compiled by Reddit’s editorial team along with some r/IAmA Mods and comes in a physical hardback version for $35 or a digital copy for less than $5.

Some of the individuals featured include Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, Spike Lee and Buzz Aldrin.

Illustration of Idris Elba by u/youngluck in the book.
Illustration of Idris Elba by u/youngluck.
Snippet of Idris Elba's AMA in the book.
Snippet of Idris Elba’s AMA in the book.

Alexis Ohanian, Reddit’s founder, says the book “is a cross-section of what it looks like to be alive in this day and age — and indeed, what makes us human.”

There are only 10,000 copies of the hardback version, so you might want to get on that before they’re sold out. Proceeds from the sales will go to charities chosen by members of the Reddit editorial team.

➤ Ask Me Anything: Volume One [Reddit via Venture Beat]

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