BBC to launch new iPlayer streaming apps just for kids next year

BBC to launch new iPlayer streaming apps just for kids next year

The Beeb has confirmed today that a new iPlayer app with content targeted specifically at children will arrive next year for Android and iOS devices.

The new apps will be a part of the the BBC’s upcoming ‘iPlay’ initiative (the name isn’t yet set in stone) and are designed to bring together the BBC’s diverse range of content suitable for kids in one easy-to-explore place, says director of BBC Children, Alice Webb.

“The new app for Apple and Android mobiles and tablets will make it easy and fun for children to find their favourite CBBC and CBeebies shows and discover new BBC programmes in a safe environment that’s designed just for them,” she explained in a statement.

With parents looking to keep a grasp on the content kids consume via mobile devices – rightly so – a portal dedicated to family-friendly content from a trusted brand like the BBC should reduce a significant amount of that parental concern, at least as far as the Beeb’s content is concerned anyway.

The new iPlayer service for children will launch at some point in 2016, but exactly when is anyone’s guess right now.

➤ Alice Webb: Our Big Digital Plan For Children – BBC Children’s Vision for the Future [BBC]

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