Now you can make your own Doctor Who game, thanks to the BBC

Now you can make your own Doctor Who game, thanks to the BBC

The BBC has revealed a Doctor Who Game Maker tool for fans of the show to create their own games today.

Open to international users, it’s part of BBC Mixital, a new platform that lets anyone create their own content based on BBC brands, like Doctor Who.

The game maker lets users create an entire game from beginning to end using their own skills and imagination or form a set of pre-made templates that are based on Doctor Who storylines.

Users get to choose whether the game is in a puzzle, racer or platform style, as well as who the main controllable character is and who their enemy will be.

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Complementing the BBC’s ‘Doctor and the Dalek’ game that’s aimed at helping young people get into coding, users can also dig deeper with the game maker and add special effects, animate objects or manipulate the game’s physics to make things fly. Of course, Commander Strax is on hand to help out with all of this, so no technical knowledge is required.

The game maker works on desktops and tablets, so there’s no download necessary. The BBC also said it’s adding an Arcade section so users can play games from other creators all over the world on mobile as well.

Doctor Who Game Maker

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