Someone is spoiling Pornhub with ads about venture capitalist Sam Altman

Someone is spoiling Pornhub with ads about venture capitalist Sam Altman

A mucky-minded reader sent us this tip which is just glorious. Someone trying to get the attention of Y Combinator (YC) president Sam Altman has placed ads asking people who know the investor to spread the word… on Pornhub.

Just checking this for ‘research’ purposes. And to…no, just research.

To be clear, Altman, though one of the ‘hottest’ figures in the Valley, hasn’t taken up a side gig making blue movies. Instead, this is an attempt by an entrepreneur to get his attention and secure a YC Fellowship.

Huh huh, he said ‘missionary’… sort of. 

The TNW reader who stumbled upon the adverts while, and I quote, doing ” [his] random evening ritual”, found that clicking the ads took him here, the Medium page of an entrepreneur called Shenhaochen Zhu:

Porny devils of Pink Cow Inc
Porny devils of Pink Cow Inc

Zhu is gunning for that fellowship and obviously wants to get to Altman by any means possible.

I have to say, trying to get at influential geeks when they have their hands…um…full (I’m being generous here) is probably not the best way to do it.

That said, I’m writing about it, so kudos for creative thinking at least.

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