Femsplain reveals plans for new community initiative – Femsplain Beta

Femsplain reveals plans for new community initiative – Femsplain Beta

Online storytelling community Femsplain has announced its plans for a new initiative – Femsplain Beta – just one year after the website’s initial launch.

The aim of its new venture is to build on the already thriving community of female-identified writers and content by introducing new features like a community-moderated “forum” where members can discuss Femsplain stories and other content from the Web, as well as profile pages and a way to show love to the stories you like with hearts.

Femsplain already has over hundreds of contributors who cover everything from health and sex to cancer and family. The company is entirely self-funded and successfully raised over $30,000 last year on Kickstarter.

The content for Femsplain Beta will be generated by its accredited contributors, but anyone can sign up for a readers account and still contribute to the community conversation.

You can sign up for Femsplain Beta now, but the company is rolling it out slowly so you might have to wait to get involved.

Femsplain Beta will surely be worth the wait as the startup already fills a void in the media landscape. Its new community focus is a step in a great direction.

➤ Femsplain Beta [via TechCrunch]

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