Bose is exploring its own music streaming service

Bose is exploring its own music streaming service

File this under, LOLWUT? Bose looks like it’s embarking on its own cloud streaming music service.

In a job posting found by Hyperbot, the company is looking for a Senior User Experience Designer: Cloud Music Services. Whoever gets the job will join the “Algorithms & Cloud Experiences group.” According to the posting, the team does the following:

…imagines new customer-facing features, designs compelling user interfaces, envisions appropriate software architecture and infrastructure, and implements compelling proofs of concept that can be scaled to serve millions of users.

So yeah, a streaming music service to compete with Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio, Beats Music, Google Play Music All Access, YouTube Music Key, Sony Music Unlimited etc etc etc.

The market isn’t just crowded, it’s cutthroat and it’s difficult for new players to make their mark. Even with the backing of the market savvy Beats empire, Beats Music was reportedly only able to gain subscriber numbers in the “low six figures” after its first 100 days.

Fortunately, the robot and human curation that powers Beats Music made it a good fit for Apple as it tries to expand beyond the current sales model of the iTunes Store.

But maybe Bose will introduce something that pulls subscribers from the Spotify juggernaut. Good luck over there. You’ll need it.

We have reached out to Bose about this job posting and will update if we hear back.

➤ Senior User Experience Designer: Cloud Music Services [Bose]

➤ via Hyperbot

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