MPAA’s WhereToWatch helps you find TV shows and movies to stream legally

MPAA’s WhereToWatch helps you find TV shows and movies to stream legally

Hollywood’s industry body organization, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), has launched a platform designed to highlight the ease of finding and viewing content legally online.

WhereToWatch, along with a number of alternatives like CanIStreamIt, provides an easy way to find out if the movie or TV show you want to view is available to stream or purchase (download) online. Using it is easy, you can just search for a specific title or peruse by show/movie  by categories including ‘Most Popular’, ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Now Playing’.

In addition, the site also offers some behind-the-scenes footage thanks to content from, and also serves up movie trailers from YouTube.

However, while the platform returns results from on-demand and streaming services, it doesn’t include TV listings where the shows might also be playing. It’s also, obviously, of most use to people in the US, as availability of shows on each service varies according to different countries.

While it’s unlikely to do much to change the actions of people using services like Popcorn Time, it could prove a handy portal for anyone wanting to make sure they’re completely on the straight-and-narrow. It’s also ad-free, which is nice.

➤ WhereToWatch [Via Recode]


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