The ‘Kindle Voyage’ could be Amazon’s next e-reader

The ‘Kindle Voyage’ could be Amazon’s next e-reader

Amazon could be gearing up to add a new ‘Voyage’ model to its range of Kindle e-readers.

First spotted by Caschy’s Blog, via The Verge, listings for the Kindle Voyage were initially spied on Amazon Germany, but it has since been removed. Though details are scant, reports suggest it will be available in 3G and Wi-Fi versions, and sports a 6-inch, 300ppi high-res display. It is reportedly scheduled for launch on November 4, and will feature a new sensor that lets you turn pages by touching the bezel.

A mention of the Kindle Voyage is also available through a cache of Amazon Japan, while this Spanish support page suggests that ‘Voyage’ could succeed the ‘Paperwhite’ brand [via Engadget].

While it’s still early days, the Kindle line is about due a refresh, so the timing of this wouldn’t be all that surprising.

Thumbnail image creditYASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images

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