’s useful music streaming aggregator now lets you follow playlists’s useful music streaming aggregator now lets you follow playlists, a unified music streaming platform that simplifies sharing and listening to records from multiple sources online, today introduced a useful “follow” feature for user-created playlists.

Verified Artist pages, first unveiled in June, allow established musicians, bands and singers to take greater control over their public page and share a wealth of information with their fans, such as tour dates and popular tracks. The page also allows them to create their own playlists – but until now, it was difficult and time-consuming for fans to keep track of them.

Now, listeners can navigate to any playlist page, including those created by Verified Artists, and hit the “follow” button. The digital mixtape can then be accessed from the search box or playlist manager shortcut.

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With an ever-growing number of music streaming options on the Web, such as Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud, sharing your favorite records or newly discovered gems is complicated. If your friends haven’t adopted the same services as you, sending across “share” links is pretty pointless. solves this problem by binding all of these sources into a single portal. So if you’re a Rdio subscriber or an early Beats Music adopter, you can share a link and the recipient is able to listen via their preferred service.

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