You can now stream music directly from Spotify’s app to multiple Samsung speakers

You can now stream music directly from Spotify’s app to multiple Samsung speakers

Samsung is keen to take its music streaming partnerships a step further, even after launching its own service Milk Music.

After partnering with Deezer earlier this year to attract music fans in Europe, Samsung announced today a partnership with Spotify that will let premium users control their Samsung wireless audio multiroom speakers directly from the Spotify app. This is also the first time that Spotify Connect can stream music to more than two speakers at once.

Spotify announced its Chromecast-style Spotify Connect feature in September last year, which lets premium subscribers stream music from the Spotify app to their home speaker systems over a Wi-Fi network.


Samsung’s wireless audio multiroom speakers can be used either standalone or with other Samsung devices including TVs, soundbars or BluRay players. The speakers are controlled via an app. With NFC functionality, users can also tap their smartphone to the speakers to play music from their mobile device easily.

Samsung says that it will offer “various joint promotions that users can access both online and offline” in collaboration with Spotify, though it didn’t elaborate on the specific details. However, in an indication that Samsung will continue boosting its music offerings, the company also says that it will “expand the pool of music streaming services” for Samsung users.

Headline image via SweetLabs/Flickr

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