Gracenote brings Deezer’s arsenal of music into the metadata mix

Gracenote brings Deezer’s arsenal of music into the metadata mix

Media metadata company Gracenote has announced that it’s adding Deezer song IDs to its database, so third-party developers can build Deezer-based apps using data from Gracenote’s Rhythm and MusicID APIs.

Back in January, we reported on the company’s new Rhythm API, a platform for developers to access a new set of music suggestion algorithms, which can then be weaved into apps and services that offer radio stations, or infinite playlists based on a specific artist, album, track or genre. MusicID, on the other hand, is a Shazam-esque tool for recognizing music that’s playing in the background.

Gracenote says it will preview the Deezer integration during Music Hack Day Paris later this week, which is hosted at Deezer’s headquarters. Developers will be able to tap Gracenote’s data to create applications that help Deezer subscribers dive into genres and find new artists and songs. The integration basically ties together Gracenote’s vast streams of data with Deezer’s arsenal of tunes, leaving the rest up to the creativity of the coders.

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