Titanfall for Xbox 360 delayed again, will now launch on April 8

Titanfall for Xbox 360 delayed again, will now launch on April 8

Futuristic and kinetic first-person shooter Titanfall is an important title for the Xbox One, so it should come as no surprise that Microsoft wants to prioritize that version over the PC and Xbox 360 versions.

The latter has already been delayed once, but publisher Electronic Arts (EA) today announced that it will be pushed back once more. Instead of March 28, the first-person shooter will now launch on April 8 in North America and April 11 across Europe. Admittedly it’s only a two-week delay, but for some mech fans that’s akin to pushing Christmas back to January 8.

In a blog post, EA Studios executive vice president Patrick Söderlund said developer Bluepoint Games – not to be confused with Respawn Entertainment, who worked on the Xbox One and PC versions – needed a little more time to make the Xbox 360 version “even better”.

It’s unclear exactly what could be changed or improved so close to launch, however. A more likely scenario is that Microsoft wants to capitalize on its recent marketing for Titanfall on Xbox One. It needs a reason for people to buy its new system and if the Xbox 360 install base is happy with a ‘last-gen’ version, that could hurt its sales numbers in the months ahead.

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