Google Glass as your TV remote control?

Google Glass as your TV remote control?

Google Glass TV

As Google Glass creeps ever closer towards a commercial release, we’re seeing an increase in third-party interest in the device. Accenture and Dutch telecoms company KPN have teamed up for a concept that shows how Glass could be used to interact with TV equipments as a TV guide, remote control or as a host for ‘second screen’ experiences.

It could even be used as a way to carry on watching TV shows you’ve started on your TV, although that’s probably not advisable unless you plan to sit still. Although it’s a concept for now, implemented correctly this might be a net win for TV addicts – or we may just laugh at how crazy an idea it was in a year’s time. The concept is being shown at Mobile World Congress and you can watch a (non-embeddable) video by following the link below.

➤ Accenture and KPN Develop Google Glass Proof of Concept For Television Applications

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