Sony’s second Digital Motion Picture Centre for filmmakers will open soon at the UK’s Pinewood Studios

Sony’s second Digital Motion Picture Centre for filmmakers will open soon at the UK’s Pinewood ...

A little over a year after Sony opened its first Digital Motion Picture Centre (DMPC) in California’s Culver City, the technology giant has announced it’s taking the initiative to Europe later this summer.

While the DMPC clearly promotes Sony’s own products to filmmakers, it’s designed to facilitate “training and knowledge-sharing” on the latest cameras, lenses and more.

In terms of who it’s aimed at, well, anyone from cinematographers and film crews to  freelance operators across the production sphere will be able to turn up, where they can learn new techniques and gain access to some of the latest digital equipment. This may involve scheduled courses or informal discussions.

For example, Sony offers an introduction to 4K production that highlights 4K technology, camera operation, and 4K projection. There’s also half-day classes that are more geared towards hands-on time with 4K cameras.

The new DMPC(E) centre will open at the world-famous Pinewood Studios (where many a James Bond has been filmed) in Buckinghamshire, near London.


“This new facility will be a place where members of the European production community can meet, find out about the latest technologies and share experiences,” says Katsunori Yamanouchi, VP, Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

The centre will feature Sony’s CineAlta range of Super 35mm cameras, including the F65 and the new F55 and F5 models. There will also be a selection of 4K and HD displays.

The DMPC(E) has been lined up to open in September 2013.

Feature Image Credit – Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

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