Steve Jobs biopic ‘jOBS’ starring Ashton Kutcher will finally hit US theaters on August 16

Steve Jobs biopic ‘jOBS’ starring Ashton Kutcher will finally hit US theaters on August 16 ...

Following its premiere at the Sundance film festival and a subsequent delay in its theater release, Open Road Films reportedly announced today that jOBS, the biopic of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher, will finally be released in the United States on August 16.

The film has attracted a significant amount of attention and hype since its initial showing, as Apple enthusiasts and film critics alike question the quality and accuracy of the production.

Matthew Panzarino reviewed the movie for TNW earlier this year and came away feeling pretty positive about its public release:

This isn’t going to be the canonical Steve Jobs biography movie. Honestly, Jobs was such a complex individual that I can’t see one ever being made. But, as an impressionist portrait of a specific period in his life, it’s successful. Don’t go into it looking for complete verisimilitude or whip-crack dialog and you should like it just fine.

Alongside Kutcher, Josh Gad plays fellow Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The movie is produced by Mark Hulme and directed by Joshua Michael Stern (Swing Vote). Open Road Films will act as the distributor, while Inferno Entertainment will take care of international sales.

It’s worth emphasizing that today’s ‘nationwide’ announcement almost certainly refers to a US-only release for now. At the time of writing, there’s no word on a wider international showing.

If you’re desperate to see the movie however, it’s worth rewatching this short clip showing a glimpse of Kutcher as Steve Jobs:

Hat tip: Deadline

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