Newsreader app Circa hires Reuters Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa as its new Editor in Chief

Newsreader app Circa hires Reuters Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa as its new Editor in Chief

News consumption service Circa announced today that it has hired Anthony De Rosa, currently Social Media Editor for Reuters, as its new Editor in Chief.

De Rosa is expected to join the company in June and will help the existing editorial team “push the boundaries” of the content being showcased throughout its mobile apps.

“There’s a huge opportunity to present news in a way that’s made for mobile,” De Rosa said. “Nobody is thinking about this more than Circa and I’m thrilled to help move that mission forward. Matt and David have a proven record of success and I feel like we have a shared vision for transforming the traditional article format.”

Circa launched its iOS app last October, giving users a new way to read the news and track breaking stories as they develop. Articles are broken down into only the most essential paragraphs, quotes and images, giving readers a quick and more accessible way of consuming the latest headlines.

The company has been developing its app over the last seven months or so, overhauling the design and adding crucial new sharing functionality. Most recently, Circa updated the ‘My Followed Stories’ section of its iOS app, making it easier for users to add and grab the stories they want to monitor.

An Android app is currently in development and is expected to launch later this year.

Circa says De Rosa will be joining David Cohn, the firm’s new Director of News, as well as 11 contributing editors next month. It follows the appointment of Nicholas Deleon as lead technology editor last December.

Circa has a long way to go before it can rival the success of Flipboard and Instapaper. It’s still early days for the startup though, and its approach to news consumption is innovative enough that it stands a good chance of attracting a critical mass of users.

Image Credit: Ye Aung Thu/AFP/Getty Images

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