Pulse’s news aggregation app now has a UK catalogue, reeling in The Guardian, NME and more

Pulse’s news aggregation app now has a UK catalogue, reeling in The Guardian, NME and more

Just one month after Pulse relaunched with a fresh design and slew of new features, the digital news aggregation magazine has announced a new UK-focused offering, reeling in the Guardian, NME, The Londonist and other British publications.

Just to recap, Pulse launched two years ago for iPad, before arriving on iPhone/iTouch and Android, bringing beautiful news-browsing to the lion’s share of the mobile market. And back in June it transcended its reading roots by introducing thirty new video-focused channels, before adding a mesmerizing Web app aimed squarely at Windows 8 tablets.

With its new UK catalogue, the Flipboard-esque reading app is clearly looking to cast its net across more localized, regional pockets as it seeks to pull more readers in. So…how do you access this new content?

Well, if your computer’s language is set to UK English, you’ll be able to access the British catalog within the Web app. And the mobile app should switch automatically if your app settings indicate you’re in the UK, though you can move between both US and UK editions – for iOS, you’ll need to update to Pulse 3.0.3, and Android will require Pulse 3.0.4.


Pulse announced it had passed twenty million users earlier this year, and with the launch of Pulse 3.0 last month, it rolled out wholly redesigned app with new features. It also launched a single universal app for iOS, covering iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The new UK-focused catalogue is available now.

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