Haynes Publishing sidesteps Amazon to independently publish its first range of eBooks

Haynes Publishing sidesteps Amazon to independently publish its first range of eBooks

Haynes Publishing is launching its first range of eBooks, and interestingly is bypassing the ‘traditional’ means of selling them such as Amazon and Kobo, opting to sell them independently through its own website, reports The Bookseller.

While the UK-based publisher produces books across a broad range of subjects, it has carved a sizable niche for itself since the 1960s, with its range of illustrated Haynes Manuals aimed specifically at those seeking to do a little bit of DIY car-maintenance.

Now, the company will be coming into the 21st century with a range of titles published in the open eBook standard ePub format, and will see the books landing on iPads, Sony e-readers, Android and other compatible devices.

At launch, available titles will include Bernie Ecclestone biography, Bernie; and Formula 1 title Memories of Senna, though a range of non-fiction titles are available now.

“We’re very excited to be making some of our most popular titles available as eBooks, and we’re particularly proud to be doing so independently,” said Jeremy Yates-Round, Haynes MD. “Haynes has developed both the product and delivery system through our HaynesPRO division using entirely in-house resources so that we can offer our best-loved titles electronically at competitive prices.”

It’s good to see an industry stalwart such as Haynes making strides in the digital realm, and the fact that it’s bypassing the obvious channels such as Amazon and Kobo is testament to the strength it sees in its own brand. Though longer term, it wouldn’t be surprising to see these land on other platforms, given the market share held by the likes of Kindle.

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