The Observer newspaper arriving on iPad from this Sunday as part of relaunched Guardian app

The Observer newspaper arriving on iPad from this Sunday as part of relaunched Guardian app

For those who like their Sunday papers delivered digitally, you’ll be delighted to hear that The Guardian iPad edition is being relaunched as ‘The Guardian and Observer iPad edition’.

The Observer will be available on the app from this coming Sunday, September 16. The Observer content will include the main news section, the New Review, sports and the Observer Magazine. Along with The Observer content, the app will fold in The Guardian’s Monday to Saturday material.

The hope is that The Observer tablet edition will be appealing to existing readers as well as attracting new ones from around the world. The look and feel of the content will be in line with The Observer’s existing style on paper.

Interactive reading

Features for the relaunched app include full offline reading for all articles and pictures, photojournalism and in-article galleries, related video content, swipe-to-navigate between sections or stories, sharing to Facebook, Twitter and email, Instapaper compatibility, related Web articles, which open in an in-app browser, and interactive advertising slots.

For the first two weeks following the launch, the Observer iPad issues will be free to all users. After this time, monthly subscriptions for the full 7-day offering will be available for £11.99 per month through In-App Purchase, with current subscribers able to pay a ‘top-up’ subscription of £1.99 per month so they do not have to re-subscribe.

Alternatively, users can choose to remain on their existing £9.99 per month subscriptions without The Observer, or pay £6.99 per month for The Observer alone. Users pay monthly subscriptions through Newsstand on the App Store.

The Guardian and Observer iPad edition, sponsored by Channel 4, has been downloaded over a million times since it launched in October 2011. The app currently has more than 17,600 subscribers paying £9.99 per month.

Image Credit: Ben Sutherland

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