The Hunger Games passes Harry Potter as’s top selling book series of all time

The Hunger Games passes Harry Potter as’s top selling book series of all time

Earlier this week we pondered whether Hunger Games’ upcoming DVD could boost the appetite for UltraViolet. While that debate has yet to be settled, the popularity of the Hunger Games trilogy has just been reaffirmed by Amazon, which has announced that it has outsold the Harry Potter series, making it the best-selling book series of all time on

The latest figures combine both print and Kindle eBook sales, and this is quite an accolade given that The Hunger Games has only been published for four years and has three books. This compares to fifteen years for Harry Potter with seven books. Though it is worth stressing that this is only on, not its myriad of localized e-commerce portals in the UK, Germany, Japan, France, Canada, China, Italy and Spain.

“Since debuting in 2008, Katniss Everdeen and the Hunger Games have taken the world by storm, much as Harry Potter did a decade before,” says Sara Nelson, Editorial Director of Books and Kindle, “Interestingly, this series is only three books versus Harry Potter’s seven, and to achieve this result in just four years is a great testament to both the popularity of the work and, we think, the growth in reading digitally during that time.”

The Hunger Games arrives on DVD, Blu-ray and Amazon Instant Video from tomorrow. Can it trump the Harry Potter film series too? Maybe…just maybe.

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