Online publishing platform Vook listens to feedback and introduces lower pricing tier

Online publishing platform Vook listens to feedback and introduces lower pricing tier

The e-book self-publishing platform Vook has introduced a $9.99 price plan, the company announced today. Called Vook Starter Account, this softer rate is targeted at smaller publishers and independent authors.

This change occurs only a few weeks after Vook introduced its public platform, alongside tiered pricing. According to Vook’s VP of business development Matthew Cavnar, the feedback on this new product has been overwhelmingly positive on most aspects, except for one point: pricing.

As a matter of fact, Vook is very transparent about what drove it to introduce a less expensive plan for tight budgets. In its blog post, titled ‘You Asked. We Listened. New Accounts at Vook starting at $9.99’, Cavnar acknowledges that Vook’s initial plans weren’t catering to all users:

“My brain crashed into the price and exploded,” said one of the commenters Cavnar candidly quotes.

This was a problem for Vook; after all, its main goal is to democratize online publishing, by letting anyone – and not only professional publishers – create their own e-books and distribute them online.

“We realized immediately that we had to find a way to make Vook accessible to individual authors, independent professionals, and creators with smaller projects,” Cavnar explains.

As a result, the online publishing platform has decided to add a new tier, albeit for a limited period of time. As a result, anyone signing up now for a new Starter account will get 100 Mb of storage for $9.99/month.

From a business perspective, it is nice to see a company a company do what should be standard practice, which is to listen to feedback and act upon it within weeks.

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