This Facebook log-out ad probably cost Samsung Mobile $700K

This Facebook log-out ad probably cost Samsung Mobile $700K

Facebook revealed a new ad product last month in a location that took some of us by surprise: the log out screen. The move was seen to be a largely positive one for marketers who could take advantage of those who use Facebook on public or shared computers, but also as one more way that the social network was making its users the product.

Our own Courtney Boyd Meyers described the new product:

In addition to “marketer’s stories” (i.e. advertisements) displayed on brand pages and in the Newsfeed, users will be hit with “stories” during the log-out experience. That’s right. On your way out the door, Facebook will be pushing ads and offers to you too. This will affect the 37 million people in the US who log out of Facebook every day, starting in April.

Now, Samsung USA Social Media Marketing Manager Esteban Contreras has pointed out on Twitter that one of the first ads to  appear in this new space is by Samsung, and features the Galaxy Note. If you’ve logged out of Facebook in the US (it seems to be stateside only) today, you’ve probably seen it.

An ad buy for the log-out screen of Facebook was reported to run $700K a day for a buyout of inventory in the U.S. for a day by Adage:

Log-out ads aren’t available as a stand-alone purchase but are bundled with premium home-page ads that users see on their news feeds. The one-day ask to own the log-out page in the U.S. was $550,000 for home-page ads, plus $160,000 for the log-out inventory.

Contreras says in his Tweet that people logging out of Facebook ‘today’ should have seen it, so there’s a good chance that the price for this sweet piece of real estate on the exit door ran the company in this area.

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