Zeebox closes deal with digital TV vendor to embed app functionality in up to 9m new televisions

Zeebox closes deal with digital TV vendor to embed app functionality in up to 9m new televisions

The British companion TV app Zeebox has signed a deal with the consumer electronics manufacturer Vestel, AppMarket reports. Following the partnership, Zeebox’s interactive app will be connected to Vestel-manufactured TVs.

While you may not be familiar with Vestel’s name, it manufactures TV sets and other devices that are sold under different brand names, and is allegedly “one of the world’s leading DTV manufacturers”. According to Zeebox’s CEO Ernesto Schmitt, Vestel sells 9 million TVs in Europe every year.

This isn’t Zeebox’s first effort to make the most of connected TVs. As our Mobile Editor Matt Brian reported a couple weeks ago, “Zeebox also delivers additional support to Sony, Samsung or Panasonic smart TVs and also Virgin’s TiVo box, setting up the app as a mini remote control that can be used to control shows you are watching, record them (in some cases) and operate your expensive flat-screen TV.”

However, this new partnership is even more integrated, Zeebox’s well-known CTO Anthony Rose explains:

“Our users tell us that they love the way Zeebox can act as a next-gen remote control for their TVs and set top boxes. Our partnership with Vestel will take this to the next level, providing two-way synchronization between your TV and Zeebox.

As you change channels on your TV, Zeebox will be able to automatically bring you a social and interactive experience linked to what you’re watching. And when you’re trying to decide what to watch, instead of just clicking through a list of channels, you’ll be able to see which ones are the most popular right now, watch with friends, buzz friends to come watch with you.”

Zeebox has made announcement after announcement since its UK launch last October, from new features such as a deeper Facebook integration to an innovative partnership with Mobile Interactive Group which will bring social payments and voting to its platform. This is only a start, and more news will likely follow, starting with an Android version in April.

While these announcements already contribute to Zeebox’s growing popularity, the startup seems prepared to give it an extra push, and recently unveiled its first TV advertising campaign to further boost customer acquisition.

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