Fox to premiere new Web series on … Myspace?

Fox to premiere new Web series on … Myspace?

In case you were wondering to yourself what would become of Myspace now that it’s under new management after a $35M firesale to Specific Media, here’s your first glimpse.

Fox Digital Entertainment announced today that it would be releasing a brand new scripted Web series called “LET’S BIG HAPPY” exclusively on the social network that its parent company News Corporation used to own. That’s right, Fox is debuting a show on Myspace.

The show revolves around indie music so Fox figured that Myspace, which in its heyday was the place to debut and share your music as an artist, was the best place to launch the show. Here’s what Fox Digital Entertainment’s senior VP Matt Glotzer had to say about it:

We are excited to further our partnership with Myspace with a show like LET’S BIG HAPPY. With independent music as its focus, the series could not have a better launchpad.

The show is being sponsored exclusively by Taco Bell and is the second such deal between Fox and the once-purchased-for-$580M social network. Previously, Fox and Kia partnered up to bring a show called “WOLFPACK OF RESEDA” to Myspace.

Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed but I have to imagine that the team at Specific Media, which includes Justin Timberlake, has to be pretty stoked to get an opportunity to turn the Myspace brand around. I didn’t make that up, because the quote from Roger Mincheff, the current president of Myspace Entertainment, has words like “incredible” and “thrilled” in it:

LET’S BIG HAPPY is a stage for up-and-coming musical acts and provides an incredible opportunity to reach fans worldwide. The new Web series is in sync with Myspace’s unwavering commitment to developing artists. We’re thrilled to join forces with Fox Digital Entertainment to deliver on our promise to create and serve up original must-watch online programming.

I will now start popping my popcorn to watch how this train wreck project turns out.

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