Ads by Coffee offers charities free online advertising campaigns, no strings attached

Ads by Coffee offers charities free online advertising campaigns, no strings attached

The expression ‘non-profit advertising agency’ probably sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, but that’s exactly what Ads by Coffee is. The brand new organization provides charities with Internet-based marketing, free of charge.

While Ads by Coffee is based in Australia, it is made up of a small team of designers and developers from around the world, donating their extra time and talent.

Not only does Ads by Coffee provide charities with the advertising campaign, it has built an entire framework to track and run the ads. Once the design process has been completed, Ads by Coffee takes the final step of finding publishers and sites who are willing to host the ads for free.

Each campaign is unique, tailored to the needs to the needs of that specific charity, and is delivered to targeted audiences online.

The Next Web caught up with Ads by Coffee’s director, Kane Bennett to find out more about the project.

Kane told us, “In recent years, in a way that most never thought possible, the non-profit industry has become exceptionally saturated, with exponential growth in the sheer number of organizations. While this is fantastic in most regards, it does make it very difficult for smaller charities to make their mark in a world with countless groups competing for attention.”

Ads by Coffee was born out of one specific need that these organizations have: “The smallest charities and the niche organizations just don’t have the time or funds to coordinate complex and expensive advertising campaigns, and this is where Ads by Coffee helps out.”

So what exactly does Ads by Coffee do for charities? Kane explains, “We offer Internet advertising campaigns completely free of charge, with ads following in the style of boutique firms such as Fusion, The Deck and Carbon. We design the ads, and we coordinate the campaign so that charities can focus on what’s most important.”

The advertising agency is targeting smaller charities who don’t have the team and resources to put together a campaign of their own. Kane said, “We don’t help the ‘Worldvisions’ or ‘Red Crosses’ of the world – Ads by Coffee helps the smaller groups who desperately need attention and support. Other than this need, we have no set requirements for charities.”

Asking Kane about the name of the organization itself, he explained, “The lifeblood of the incredibly hard-working non-profit world is the same as that of the startup world – caffeine!”

Any publishers who are interested in donating a little bit of space for a good cause can contact Ads by Coffee. Kane tells us, “The ads are small 130×100 images, and are beautifully designed.”

Ads by Coffee’s contact details can be found in the links below.

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